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#1 2017-07-26 01:11.54

From: pufferfish land
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My pets

1. A big dope(y) dog that had been abused in her first 9 months of life and is now doing great. Border collie/lab mix.
2. A small old dog who is skittish. Her past owner died and she stayed with us, she was never meant to be permanent but she got along so well with our other dog we decided to keep her. Cheagle.
3. A fat atrocity that may be a cat. He is evil. Just kidding. He is sometimes calm and likes to cuddle. Black British Shorthair.
4. A small, cute, friendly cat but shy around newcomers. They say she was seperated from her mom. She is nice because we raised her. Orange tabby (Female!).
5. A chilean rose-hair tarantula that is good at eating crickets.
6. A leopard gecko who had to be renamed because used to be named after undertale but UNDERTALE SUCK so changed name.



#2 2017-07-29 02:06.44

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Re: My pets


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